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Windows 10 Manager Preactivated
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04/10/2021 07:51:58
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Windows 10 Manager is a very complex but easy-to-understand software solution designed specifically for devices running Windows 10 as an operating system, with the main goal of helping to optimize performance, eliminating garbage, and increase performance.

- Manually create a system restore point
- Modify your system to improve performance and increase speed
- Learn more about your system and hardware
- Microsoft helps you find product keys
- Manage and configure the Windows boot menu to your liking
- Manages and optimizes system services and drivers to improve performance
- The system parameters are changed according to your choice
- Change system, components, UAC, login settings, configure various settings
- Optimize and configure your internet connection and network settings
- Creates controls that trigger planned tasks or tasks
- Divide the file into several smaller files or merge them back into the original file
- Super Copy is a powerful tool for automatically copying and backing up files
- You can easily register using the registration tool

Ydisk DL:

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