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how to torrent backup
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05/10/2021 01:07:57
(2 weeks ago)
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pc windows debo.u torrent kivabe backup debo?

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05/10/2021 08:04:27
(2 weeks ago)
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Backup Process:

Press "Windows logo key+R" to bring up the "Run" command box.
Type %localappdata%qBittorrent and hit enter.

Again repeat the same process but type %appdata%qBittorrent

Now you should have two QBittorrent folders open.

Select everything and copy the files from these folders to anything other than C: drive.

Remember to keep the files of these two folders in new separate folders.
We will need them later.

Restore Process:

After reinstalling windows, first check that your drive letters (D: E: F: etc) haven't changed.
If they changed then correct them through diskmgmt.msc or any other partitioning tool.

Install QBittorrent once your drive letters have been sorted out.

After installing, run QBittorrent at least once and then close by pressing Ctrl+Q.
Confirm using task manager that process has ended.

Follow the previous steps again to open %localappdata%qBittorrent folder.

Delete everything from that folder and copy everything from the backup we kept earlier for that folder.

Repeat same process for %appdata%qbittorrent folder too.

Open QBittorrent and it should detect all your torrents.

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