Seeding but ratio not increase.
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28/10/2019 02:34:05
(3 weeks ago)
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টরেন্ট ঠিকঠাক সিডিং দেখাচ্ছে, 400 to 600 kbps. কিন্তু রেশিও অনেকদিন ধরে একজায়গায় স্থির হয়ে আছে। কেউ কি সমাধান দিতে পারবেন?

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28/10/2019 02:49:07
(3 weeks ago)
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Now you can do a couple of things to overcome this issue....
• Best option is take a Real IP connection from your ISP.

• If you SEED, you'll get 0.6 point in every hour for each 190MB+ torrent. So try to seed 200MB+ torrents as much as you can. you'll get points & you can use those to buy upload data from CrazyHD shore which will balance your RATIO. see this:

• Try to Download 100% freeleech File & keep seeding as long as possible. seed,gain point,exchange point with upload amount increase ratio

• Try to Upload some fresh popular content in our server to maintain ratio u must have to upload content along with downloads otherwise ratio drastically fall

• Check this DOC for how to improve ratio,
Click Here

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30/10/2019 14:37:40
(2 weeks ago)
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upload theke download beshi hole ratio kom hoye jaay,  upload divide download den tarpor result jeita ashbe sheitai apnar ratio milaye dekhte paren chaile

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