how to upload anime
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26/08/2020 23:21:21
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how to upload anime full season ??

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27/05/2021 02:07:54
(34 weeks ago)
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check for the anime online (not the anime streaming sites)
if blu ray, encode the files if you can, or skip that upload
if same files or same resolution already in crazyhd, skip upload
prefered files: 720p 264x < 1080p 264x < 720p 265x <  1080p 265x < 4K (264/265x)
prefered source: cam rip < web rip < blu ray

and please keep seeding. please



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27/05/2021 05:06:30
(34 weeks ago)
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First, Check if the anime is already on CHD. If it isn't- then proceed forward

Go to or for the anime you want to upload.
Usually you can just sort by most seeders and upload the torrent that is most seeded on Cause that is the best encode/release available for that anime. Preferred quality is BD/BDRip & WEBRip (HEVC x265). Try to upload 1080p x265 with at least Eng-Sub or Dual-Audio if possible.

Now you can just follow the upload rules of CHD to upload the anime properly.
A common mistake beginners make is that, they put wrong title. a example of a proper title is given below:
Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) S01 Complete 1080p BDRip HEVC x265
(you can also add Dual-Audio or Eng-Sub in the title if you want..)

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