Add me to your PLEX server?
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03/01/2021 21:31:02
(7 weeks ago)
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I wanted to experience the Plex server and how it works.

I wanted to buy a NAS and start my server from scratch, any suggestions, thoughts, recommendations?

Aiming for budget PLEX with Good ram and 4k.
Don't really understand transcoding, software, and hardware.

Please only reply if you are interested.

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11/01/2021 00:57:45
(6 weeks ago)
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Just build your server with an old laptop, don't make the server public without ensuring proper network security.



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12/01/2021 23:22:52
(6 weeks ago)
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Plex is quite expensive. if u want a cheaper solution, make a Kodi media server. Kodi is Free. you can use any old laptop/desktop to run it. here is how u do it - u need to have all your media on the HDD of that laptop/desktop. portable harddisks work too. than install Kodi and enable uPnP in it. check youtube for detailed guide on how to setup kodi for media server. connect that desktop/laptop with a lan cable to ur home network. and done. u can access this media server from any device connected to ur home network, including mobile, tab, smart or android tv, any other laptop and desktop.
u can also use android tv box for this. I have a H96 pro plus tv box. Hooked up two 1 terabyte portable HDD with all my movies and series on them. setup Kodi on that tv box and attached the box with a lan cable to my router. now every phone/tab/other android boxes and tvs in my house can access those contents through that media server and stream.
u can also enable SMB sharing on the tv box, that way the tv box with ur portable HDDs will show up as network storage on ur home network and u can copy/move/delete files from it.

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