Laptop's display becomes dark/blank/colorless
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11/02/2021 14:20:53
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My laptop is hp running on core i3 8 gen with 8 gig ram. the problem is often when I start my pc and then give the pin to unlock, instead of unlocking the display turn completely black I don't even see the cursor.  then I have to force shut it down and have to turn it on again then the problem solve. another problem is sometimes the display becomes colorless when I'm using it, well not totally black and white but kinda washed away type or yellowish type. then when I boot into safe mode and everything is ok there. so is it a hardware problem? cuz if it was then how could everything is okay in safe mode? it would be a great help if u can provide me a solution.
btw the ram was 4 GB before and then I upgraded it. but this problem started way before I upgrade the ram. TIA